Kind Words from Cool Couples

(one of our cool couples here, this could be you


McCann + Michaela

John was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day! Nothing preserves the memories of your special day like video does. Our experience with John before our wedding was great! I tear up every time I watch it, because of the intention he filmed with in capturing every important moment.

Stephen + Darcie

John and his team made my and my husband’s wedding day a joyous breeze! He has this peace about him that makes everyone want to be his best friend. We picked up on that after John met us for coffee prior to the wedding and genuinely just wanted to get to know us deeply!

Aaron + Abby

Half of the battle of the wedding planning process is the stress of ensuring everything will be just how you imagine it. But John did an amazing job of figuring out the specific details we wanted to make sure were included and he took the time to get to know who Aaron and I are as a couple and what we are passionate about so that he could capture it in our wedding film.