This photo right here is how our types of couples look at waterfalls. If that looks like you, it would be an honor for us to hear your story, be a part of it, and tell it. Actually, even if that’s not you, still give us a shout. Let us know all about you and how we can serve you! We can’t wait to talk with you!¬†

(If you are not getting married then contact John directly about your project.)

destination wedding videography portland waterfall
(we're diving straight into the good stuff, info q's can wait!!)
(YES, you have to pick only ONE!)
(share your heart behind your wedding day, be painfully detailed here!)
(we might just call you, it's way more personal than email!)
(exact date if you know, or an estimate if your flexible!)
(if you're unsure, just estimate as best you can!:))
(again, just estimate if you're unsure!)
(maybe rewatch some films to get a feel for different lengths!)
(help us feel what you love!)
(no photog = possible savings!)
(all the details you can give help us tons!)

Aaandd this photo right here is how our types of couples look at each other.