Jordan + Kristina’s Gospel-Centered Outdoor Wedding

Berry Acres, Odessa, Missouri

When Jordan and Kristina reached out to me I was shocked to find out that one of my closest friends was photographing the wedding, Kristina had just accepted a job at my church, and it was Jordan’s uncle who had connected me with my mentor! None of these connections are what brought us together, but I am overjoyed they found me! Their story is so beautiful and their heart for the Good News of Jesus was so obvious on their wedding day.

To share a little of their crazy story here’s what Kristina shared: “We met working together at Kanakuk Kamps back in May of 2012! Jordan was the funny skits guy my first summer as a counselor, and we were just friends. We spent the following years working in ministry and getting plugged into our local churches and building community — Kansas City for Jordan / Fayetteville, Arkansas for me. Last June, Jordan caught my eye on Facebook and I got curious about how he was doing after not seeing him for a few years. So, I sent him a message, we connected in Kansas City over coffee at McClain’s Market 2 days later, and after 8 months of dating, we got engaged!”

One of their favorite memories was when Jordan said ‘I love you’ the first time. They had only been dating for about 3 months, but they both knew how they felt about each other. Jordan had planned to tell Kristina but thought he would do it in a really special way. Well, he ended up blurting it out as part of a joke one Sunday afternoon sitting in her apartment. There was a look of panic on his face and they just awkwardly sat there for a few seconds before finally just admitting how they felt. Initially, Jordan was so upset with himself that he didn’t pull off some romantic gesture to say how he felt. But, for them, it was more special than a carefully planned dinner or walk or sunset picnic. Kristina said: “I feel like that is so much of our story together. Moments that are only ours, that are real and unplanned and ungraceful, but ones that we will cherish!”

Jordan and Kristina are selfless, loving people through and through so it made perfect sense that this was their wedding vision: “We want to share the day with as many people as possible! The ceremony will take place outside. We want there to be a lot of simple and natural beauty, with the Gospel presented throughout. Then, for the reception, we’re ready for a party! We are getting married at Berry Acres in Odessa, MO — and a big reason for picking this venue is the dance floor. We want our guests to have an absolute blast and walk away from the night with their own special memories!”

Congrats to the Dodds, I love and appreciate you both!!

John Stambaugh + United Media Collective

Videographer: https://umcfilms.com
Photographer: http://alyssabarletter.com

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