you want a wedding film

Maybe you didn’t have room in your budget originally, but your friend just got married & you saw their video & you decided you had to have videography.

maybe not, but regardless of your story, we’re here to help.

How to book a wedding videographer:


O N E // find a videographer that draws your attention by work or personality. Here you are!:)

T W O // learn about who they are. Don’t ignore this step. What’s important to them? What’s their personality like? Are those things compatible with you? If you’re not stoked on who they are as a person or company go back to step O N E with a new videographer!

T H R E E // check out their films. Are you obsessed after 1-2? Are they consistently great in 5+? Do the films resonate with you & your story? If you answered no to these go back to step O N E with a new videographer!

Dain & Katlyn Beautiful Boho Outdoor Kansas Wedding

F O U R // Read through some reviews & watch those couples’ films to see if their wedding is similar at all to yours! Reading a review from an elopement couple for your big traditional wedding may not be most helpful! If this doesn’t go well… you know what to do.

F I V E // finaaallllyyy, check their pricing. Pricing is last because you’ll know how you feel by now!! If their price matches your feelings then you are cleared to contact for official booking! If you are completely obsessed at this point I’d encourage you to contact them anyway:)