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You should read this, it’s a really fun story… I booked Walker & Syd’s wedding by accident. Yes, that’s true. We quickly became friends through a creatives Facebook group in February of 2016 and got to talking about all things photo, video, and life. She promised that I could film her wedding someday in Oklahoma and I was stoked! Then in late June I got a text from her saying that I couldn’t film her wedding because she was eloping to Oregon. Running on no sleep and sick at a McDonald’s outside of Yosemite I misinterpreted her text and thought she meant that I wouldn’t want to. So I responded by insisting that I will shoot her wedding. Even with the misunderstanding she excitedly agreed and two months later I was in Portland signing as a witness to their elopement right after filming it.


“5 stars can’t begin to cover how much we love John. He brought such fun, positive and overall awesome energy to our wedding. We feel like we’ve made a new friend that we hope to see at all of our friends’ weddings. From a logistical standpoint, he’s timely, organized and works hard to understand exactly what you’re looking for…. then delivers beyond what you could’ve imagined. I wanted something that relayed both the seriousness and emotion of the day while also showing the joy and happiness… and he nailed it. The music choices, style, and vibe were exactly what I was looking for. John truly went above and beyond. We can’t recommend him more!” – Jason & Ali Moore


Hey there! Don’t be nervous that pricing info is last on the page. We don’t advertise pricing up front and big because we feel that it should be the last part of your decision-making process. We’re real humans and we understand money is a real thing, but you will never regret the price you pay if you absolutely love the film you receive, just listen to these friends of ours! Learn a bit more about pricing here or just click below and say hi!